Make an impression with a proper profile picture.

Can you relate?

You have a really crappy profile photo on social media that doesn’t represent you or your brand. Maybe it’s still your wedding photo from 8 years ago… and seriously, what’s the story with that mullet?

Maybe you’ve tried it take the photo yourself or got one of your friends to take it? That’s ok but you’ve only got a tiny stamp-sized window on the page to have a photo so it really should stand out, right? – great quality, clarity, and lighting.

5 years ago, social media was more for personal use and you could use whatever image you liked… but in today’s competitive climate…

First impressions are everything. And the reality is, people buy from people… the first thing most people notice when they check out your social media is your profile picture.

"Our research shows that just having a great picture makes your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed by others." - LinkedIn

"Nicola managed in a couple of minutes, and a couple of shots, to capture the essence…

Brand photography is what exactly?

Do you have this problem?You are a small business with an amazing product and service but you are not getting the sales that you want. Things have gotten so competitive and you are wondering if perhaps you are on the top of the slippery slope. People are bouncing off your website and you are not making the right impression.It is vital if you want to impress that you have a strong brand that you can be easily identified for.So what does this mean?The ‘look’ of your business should be consistent throughout so when you advertise or show up on social media you will be recognised immediately. Your colours, logo and your brand message should all be consistent and should reflect the kind of business that you do. All these elements should be beautifully and professionally designed so they match each other in style and appearance.No matter where your company is seen, whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook or your website, your logo will be the same and the colours that you use on your website wil…